Sarah Costa

Registered Nurse and Functional Practitioner

Hi, i'm Sarah.

 I'm a mother, nurse and functional practitioner with an unshakable passion for preventative and holistic care.

As a community nurse, I often felt restricted with the types of services I could offer or discuss with my patients. This lead me towards the creation of my own online/mobile business.

I now work collaboratively with a Nurse Practitioner to provide the best in functional health and integrative services. 



My background

  When I graduated from Ryerson University in 2011, I was so eager to start the career that I had decided on when I was only twelve years old. Although I initiated my career with a cardiac intensive placement in Toronto General Hospital, I was drawn to the community where I worked with a diverse population of patients (diabetic management, oncology, palliative care, IV administration, dialysis and complex wound care).  As my knowledge in the topic of Functional Medicine expanded, I noticed the intense need for a TRULY holistic approach in the prevention of chronic disease. Since a good portion of my career involved managing pharmaceutical side effects while ignoring root causes, I started to feel disconnected from nursing in the main stream model.  This led me towards the creation of HolisticNurse, which works to blend modern medicine with functional and holistic approaches.  


How I got started

  After working with my own functional health coach, I experienced the beauty of holistic care close-up. I decided to become certified as a functional practitioner, this allows me to run high quality functional health labs for my clients.  By addressing my own root causes, such as detoxification issues, hormonal dysfunction, food sensitivities and bacterial overgrowth- I reduced my anxiety while increasing my mental focus and energy level.  This change was all implemented through simple lifestyle, nutrition and targeted supplementation protocols. Had I simply turned to the conventional model, I would have started on an antidepressant and benzodiazepine while never finding out the root cause of my anxiety and fatigue.  I believe that everyone deserves this level of care and I am on a mission to educate people about the complimentary and/or preventative power of functional health coaching. 


My approach

 Our bodies have the innate capacity to heal themselves and I strongly believe that the current conventional health model should be complemented with a holistic and integrative approach that encourages preventative health. Since the conventional model waits for us to become sick enough to be labelled by a diagnosis, we should not solely depend on it for lasting health. There is an alarming need for collaboration between preventative and modern health industries.  I have combined my education as a Registered Nurse and FDN practitioner with my passion for preventative and functional health to become the truly Holistic Nurse that I have always wanted to be.  My mission is to show people how to blend both conventional and preventative approaches to obtain the best health results possible.