Holistic Nurse

Booster Injections

The HolisticNurse team is excited to offer customized intramuscular boosters to maximize health, performance recovery, and wellness.  

IM boosters are a safe way to administer therapeutic doses of vitamins. It is more efficient than taking vitamins orally, where many of the nutrients are lost. Boosters avoid gastric upset and nutrient loss while increasing vitamin absorption. This is helpful since many people suffer from absorption issues in the gastrointestinal system related to illness or medication. 

*IM boosters do not replace a healthy lifestyle.*

Many of the benefits include:

  • strengthening of the immune system 
  • improved skin  
  • increased energy 
  • enhances athletic performance and recovery 
  • improves overall sense of well-being

This service is available to local clients only.  
(West Toronto to Hamilton area)


Energy Shot

 Contains: L-Carnitine, L-Arginine, NADH, D-Ribose, Methylcobalamin 

Adrenal Support

 Contains: Methylcobalamin, Methylfolate, B1, B6, AMP, Hydroxycobalamin, Chromium 

Slimming Down

Contains: Methylcobalamin, B-Complex, Dexpanthenol, L-5-Methylfolat

Vitamin D

Blood work required to monitor levels.

Hormone Support

Contains: Methylcobalamin, B-Complex, Taurine, MIC, Selenium


 Contains only Glutathione.